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We’re looking to recruit a team of 15 BILLIONAIRES to help bring the NBA back to Vancouver. These ultra-exclusive VANBACK team jerseys are reserved for anyone who can legitimately pledge $200 MILLION EACH towards the cause. Old money? Real estate money? Tech money? Who’s in?

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Yep, you read that right. $200 MILLION EACH. With 15 key players, we’ll have $3 billion pledged and a dedicated team of hard-working, highly capable people to help make it happen. Interested? Know someone who might be? SEE THE PLEDGE.

Player's Pledge

For the love of the game and the city of vancouver, I (probably a billionaire or at least a multi-millionaire many times over), pledge $200 million, plus my hustle, skills and dedicated efforts towards getting an NBA team back to Vancouver. I commit to working with my vanback teammates, fans, and the city to use our collective influence and resources to get Vancouver back in the game by buying a franchise or getting an expansion team, whatever it takes.

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Not a billionaire, but still a big fan? JOIN THE MOVEMENT, personalize a jersey and share your support: #VANBACK #BRINGBACKBASKETBALL​


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Who's behind this?

In 2001, Vancouver lost its NBA team. Since then, things have changed dramatically. The city has grown. Basketball is booming. Fans are out there like never before. We think it's time to BRING BACK BASKETBALL.

But the reality is, virtually every new franchise needs a billionaire to step in and make it happen. So, we thought, let's see if we can put together a team of them.

Why us? The VANCITY ORIGINAL® brand has been part of Vancouver streetwear and sports culture since 1998, through every win, loss, gut-wrenching series and celebration. This year, we're celebrating 25 years in business by doing big things for the city we love. Like this.

See the here. Join the movement. Tell all the billionaires you know. Let's see what we can do.

Very Important Legal Disclaimer: This campaign is not officially affiliated with the NBA or any professional basketball association or team. But hey, if you are connected to them, can you hook us up with anybody who can help us get a team back in Vancouver?

VANBACK Initiative Targets Billionaires to Help Bring the NBA Back to Vancouver.